Organization of Faculty
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No. 350, Hafez St, 1591634311 TEHRAN, Iran. 
Faculty of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Amirkabir University of Technology
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Office of Academic Affairs
 (Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs)
  (Director of Academic Affairs)
Ms. Zohreh Aghabarari (Expert of Academic Affairs)

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Office of Graduate Educations
Ms. Shohreh Maryam Farsi (Expert of Graduate Education)
Mr. Dr. Eslam Ranjbar (Director of Graduate Education)
Mr. Dr. S.Hadi Tabaeian (Deputy of Education & Research)

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Office of Research Affairs
Mr. Dr. Sadegh Firoozi (Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs)
Mr. Dr. Milad Rezaei (Director of Research Afairs)
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