Student’s Scientific Association

 | Post date: 2020/07/21 | 
With more than 15 years of background in research activities, the Scientific Student Association of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering is one of the oldest institutions of this faculty. The task of the Association is to build a bridge between students and industry.
To this end, training courses, industrial visits, seminars, conferences and competitions are held by the Association each and every year. These activities enhance academic atmosphere of the faculty, improve student’s teamwork, and lead to better learning of required engineering skills by the students.
Recent conferences and contests held by the Association are as follows:
13th Student Scientific Conference on Materials Engineering and Metallurgy
2nd and 4th National Metallurgy Contest
2nd Metal Production and Recycling Contest
2nd Materials Engineering Scientific Contest of Amirkabir (MESCA)
2nd International Contest of Microscopic Imaging
Each year, the main members of the Scientific Student Association are chosen from faculty’s students through election.