Metallography Laboratory

 | Post date: 2020/07/21 | 
Supervisor: S.Mohammad Musavi Khoei
Technician: Mr Davoud Movlaei


The educational activities are instructed to groups consisted of 8 students, who complete the whole process of metallography from sampling to imaging and structure investigating on steel, cast iron and nonferrous samples, and become familiar with macrography and electropolish as well as statistical metallography in this laboratory.
The research activities of the laboratory include complete metallography of the samples studied in student projects (bachelor and master students), micro hardness measurement and photography and filming if needed, measuring metal coating thickness, diffusion depth, grain size determination, surface cracking depth determination and structure type determination.


Optical Microscope for Metallugraphy
Metallugraphy Camera
Microscopy Testing Machine
Imaging System
Polish Machine
Grinding equipment
Hardness testing machines
Etachnts and related equipment