Powder Metallurgy Laboratory

 | Post date: 2020/07/21 | 
Supervisor: Dr. Nader Parvin
Technician: Mr. Hasan Sabouri


Teaching and research activities of powder metallurgy laboratory includes investigation of powder properties such as apparent density, crude density, sintering density, powder falling angle, powder flowability, powder compressibility factor determination, powder compression, sintering under neutral, reductive and oxidative atmospheres, microstructural studies and condensation factor determination.

Research Areas

- Mechanical alloying in soft-soft and brittle-soft systems
- Preparation and production of metal composites
- Preparation and production of particulate powder composites
- Improvement of alloys strength by powder metallurgical process
- Materials contact
- Hard Metals
- Heavy metal production
- Production of nanosized powders
- Nano technology
- Synthesis of nanoparticles
- Sintering of powders and composites


- Atmospheric Control Core Up to 1400 °C
- Satellite Mill
- Powder Pressing Machine
- Metal Powder Blender
- Atmospheric Control Furnace 1100 °C
- Sieve Shaker