Heat Treatment Laboratory

 | Post date: 2020/07/21 | 
Supervisor: Dr. Farzad Mahboubi
Technician: Mr. Hasan Sabouri


Heat treatment laboratory, equipped with a variety of furnaces, plasma nitriding apparatus and electrical plating equipment with the aim of conducting educational and research activities by undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students, including: conducting heat treatment and surface engineering research projects, mainly coating by electrical plating, plasma nitriding, plasma carbonization and oxygenation.
In this laboratory, the properties of the treated surfaces and other engineering components are examined using roughness tester, hardness tester and abrasion tester. In addition to the above activities, the practical courses of heat treatment laboratory is held in this laboratory, including: Tempering, Recovery and Recrystallization, Spherical Operation, Gemini Testing, Plasma Nitriding, Investigating the Effect of Chemical Composition, Temperature, Time and Grain Size on the Final Microstructure of Quenched Steels.
- Performing surface engineering operations and evaluating the effect of surface optimization processes on the final properties of engineering components.
- Practical experience of the basics of theory courses in the field of metallurgy and heat treatment by the students, with the aim of increasing practical ability in the above mentioned fields.


- Plasma Nitrogenation
- Wear Testing Machine
- Heat Treatment Furnaces