Metal Forming Laboratory

 | Post date: 2020/07/21 | 
Supervisor: Dr. Mostafa Ketabchi
Technician: Mr Reza Bahrami


Metal forming laboratory is one of the mandatory laboratories of undergraduate students. Therefore, two or three training courses are offered each semester in this laboratory. These tests include rolling, extrusion, pressure, wire traction, sheet traction, obtaining FLD curves, etc. It is also the site of various research projects at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels of this laboratory.

Research Areas

- Metal Forming and Formability
- Mechanical Properties of Materials
- Investigation of Nano Microstructure using ARB, ECAP, ECAE, ECAR
- Cladding, Extrusion, Rolling, Wire Drawing and Forging
- Metal Flow Pattern Simulation
- TWB, Hydroforming and Thixo-Forming


- Hydraulic Press: This machine has a maximum pressure of 100 tons and is equipped with 40 ton load cell for high temperature extrusion, press, forging, pressure, sheet forming, etc.
- Rolling Machine: This machine is able to roll different metals.
- Guillotine Machine: This machine is used for cutting metal sheets with a thickness up to 2 mm.
- Maffle Furnace (1100 °C): This furnace is used for heat treatment of metals.
- Wire Drawing Machine: This machine has molds with diameters from 2 mm to 5 mm.
- Melting Furnace: This furnace is used for solidification tests.
- Melting Furnace: This furnace is used for metal melting tests.
- Brushing Machine: This machine has brushing power for thermomechanical and mechanical operations on metals. Its speed can be adjusted and includes a furnace for raising the temperature.