Manufacturing Processes

 | Post date: 2020/07/21 | 

MACHINES are becoming more advanced day-to-day. Earlier, the term “machine” used to mean car, airplane, ship, train, satellite, and the like (machine for doing a job). Today, however, machines are able to produce products (machine for producing machines), such as additive manufacturing machines, laser cutting equipment, integrated-circuit manufacturing machines, continuous steel casting machines, car manufacturing robots, automatic industrial machines, etc. On the other hand, engineering products have been enhanced and are able now to identify, to analyze and to make decisions on problems, such as autopilot systems, smart phones and cameras, medical testing tools, materials characterization and analysis instruments, simulators, robots and drones. Engineers and industrialists deal with such machines, products and parts and are always involved in the design, manufacture, operation, and failure (or lifetime) of the components of these complex machines. Therefore, research and development in the manufacturing processes of engineering machinery and components is more important now than ever. Meanwhile, materials and metallurgical engineers have an important role in researches and problem solving of machinery and components manufacturing.

PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES in manufacturing processes, requiring research in materials engineering, have a wide range, from case problems in a factory (such as failure analysis of a gas turbine blade, designing heat treatment of a gearbox for better structure and properties, applying self-lubricant coatings on car engine parts) to national and local projects (such as rail construction, alloy steel plate casting, residual stress in ship hull welding, recognition and reverse engineering of foreign parts) and global challenges and issues (such as 3D printing of metal parts, battery and solar cell manufacturing, application of laser and electromagnetism in construction, bio-material coatings in medical implants, etc.). All mentioned are examples of research in manufacturing processes that are addressed at the Faculty of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.


The research group of Manufacturing Processes in the Faculty of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering consists of fixed faculty members with various specialties and a group of research colleagues, PhD and postdoctoral researchers, and master’s and bachelor’s students who form project working groups in the required projects and topics. This research group is ready to collaborate in solving industrial, national and global issues and challenges in the topics related to manufacturing processes. This group has also experience and expertise in designing and proposing research projects, conducting studies and experiments, prototyping, modeling and simulating, designing and selecting materials, identifying and reverse engineering of parts, analyzing material behavior and preparing technical reports. Fixed members of the research group of Manufacturing Processes include the following people:

Dr. Alireza Ebrahimi
Dr. Kamran Dehghani
Dr. Eslam Ranjbar Noodeh
Dr. Ali Shamsipoor
Dr.Mahmoud Abbasi

Dr. Ali Farzadi
Dr. Mostafa Ketabchi
Dr. Farzad Mahboubi
Dr. Seyed Mohammad Mousavi Khoei
Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hossein Mirbagheri
Dr. Seyed Ehsan Mirsalehi
Mr. Reza Bahrami
Mr. Davoud Movlaei
Mr. Hamid Zohrevand

In addition to experienced and specialized manpower and interested young researchers, the research group of Manufacturing Processes of the Materials and Metallurgical Engineering faculty has an extensive access to and communication with the global scientific community and research resources, and also has a laboratory complex equipped with the necessary tools, equipment and machines. Some of the research activities of the Manufacturing Process group are ongoing in the following laboratories:

Advanced Joints Laboratory
Metal Forming Laboratory
Mechanical Properties of Materials Laboratory
Heat Treatment Laboratory
Powder Metallurgy laboratory
Metallography Laboratory
Welding Laboratory
Solidification and Casting Laboratory
Project Workshop
Non-destructive Testing Laboratory