MSc Regulations and Procedures

 | Post date: 2020/07/21 | 

Every student needs to learn about the university's educational process and regulations during her/his education/research course. S/he also needs to receive administrative services when necessary, for routine educational affairs or for special cases. For each educational service to be done, for instance offline course registering/withdrawal, a relevant request-form is required to be submitted to the MME office of graduate educations either via email or as a printed form. However, international students will have a special assistance for all of administration services including educational affairs. Each international student will be linked to an assistant, i.e.. a guide-person, who will be introduced from the administrators of the office of international students Affairs. The guide-person will provide consult about the regulations and procedures of MSc program or regulations and procedures of PhD program and will assist the student for their education and research activities, like filling the form. Therefore, international student are recommended to contact their guide-person for their questions about educational services. If more information is required, would international students please contact the MME office of graduate educations.