The BSc Program of MME

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What is Materials and Metallurgical Engineering?

Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (MME) is an academic discipline in the field of materials science and engineering, covering broad areas of science and technology, which encompasses from theoretical sciences such as physics, chemistry and mathematics to practical applications all about engineering materials. MME at Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) has been basically designed for competent graduates in the field. MME covers a full spectrum of topics from material science and engineering, with an emphasis on metallurgical aspects, due to their importance, demand and application of metallic materials. In summary, a graduate of MMEAUT is a good match for positions having connection to one or more of the following demands (though not limited to):
(1) Design and selection of materials for engineering components
(2) Production, synthesis and protection of engineering materials
(3) Manufacturing processes of engineering components and their life expectancy
(4) Characterization and analysis of materials and failure analysis of components.


Materials and Metallurgical Engineering at AUT

The bachelor’s program (BSc) of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering has been running at Amirkabir University of Technology since 1993. The curriculum of this program, in accordance with the intra-university procedure of "Reforming undergraduate structure and curricula", has been reviewed by the scientific board members and the new program has been implemented since 2016. Our goal is to train engineers with competencies to create added value throughout their life and career at three individual, national and global levels. The curriculum has been designed based on three sets of requirements; (a) needs of the region's community and industry, (b) global challenges and approaches, and (c) strength in the human resources of the faculty, specifically staff's expertise and skills and students’ potentials, interests, and the freedom of choice. The BSc program of MME is beeing revised in a regular basis in order to improve the quality of education and promote the level of competence of the graduates. The latest edition of BSc Curriculum & Course Description for Materials and Metallurgical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology has been published in 2018. 

Although incoming students have not been much familiar with the field of materials science and engineering at the first place, reviews show that their interests and motivation have been increased with the time at the university to pursue materials and metallurgical engineering. The fact is that not only the discipline of materials science and engineering provides a vast range of learnings and opportunities for individuals, but also the infrastructure of the country's industry and economy depends on it, and on a global scale the latest frontiers of technology and innovation and the solutions to major challenges have always been tied to it.

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